Ask Yourself These Questions: 3 Powerful Fall Rituals to Reconnect to Yourself

The Fall Equinox is a perfect time to pause, take stock and have a good honest look at what you’d like to let go of, and what you’d like to invite into your life. With the changing of the seasons comes an opportunity to follow mother nature’s cues and shift up your energy. Nature is no fool, and she knows that no flower can bloom forever. After the bustling vibrancy of the summer, energy being expended with extroverted exuberance, the fall calls in a more centered energy. Leaves must fall, energy retreats down into the roots and there is a regrouping, a more introverted energy that emerges.

Like the magnificent ecosystem that surrounds us, fall is a season that gently invites us to return to ourselves with a renewed commitment to that which serves us deeply. 

I call these rituals because they should be approached with the same reverence and intention as any good ritual. The mindset with which I encourage you to approach these reflections and questions is from that magical, connected part of you that knows exactly who you are and what you need to be vibrant and alive. Before diving in, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to land in the moment. Here we go!

Ritual #1- Let Go of What No Longer Serves You 

Take stock of the people, things, commitments and ways of being that perhaps served you in the past, but no longer bring you joy. This might take some courage, self-reflection and some deep-diving into your being to tune into what’s true for you, but this exercise will serve you deeply. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and reflect on. 

Ritual Tip: I recommend lighting a candle and cozying up on the couch with your favorite pen and journal, using the questions as journal prompts (sounds delicious right?!) 

I invite you to notice what pops into your mind *immediately* after reading the question, or writing it down. Oftentimes, our subconscious minds, psyches and bodies will communicate to us exactly what it is we need to let go of. When we’re busy, we can ignore the nagging feeling or thoughts that keep popping up, nudging us in a more aligned direction.  But when we’re still and open, these inner knowings can come to the surface with more clarity and ease. 

Are there any activities or commitments that suck your energy or are no longer life-giving? Anything you would love to just not have to do anymore? What are some creative ways you could organize your life to not have to do those things anymore (or to minimize your engagement in them)? 

Is there anyone in your life you feel drained by or feel obligated to be around? 

Are there any boundaries you need to put in place to preserve your precious life energy and to honor yourself? (This could be around your job, with specific people etc) 

Is there a habit you’re ready to let go of that you know brings you down, drains you or chips away at your confidence? 

Are there any limiting beliefs you have about yourself that you’ve been clinging to, or find yourself spinning over and over in your head? 

Does your space (office, car, home) need a deep clean or a de-clutter? Are you hanging onto things that clutter up your physical space that you could get rid of or donate? 

Ritual #2- Recommit to the Things That Matter 

We all know that summer can be a tough time to stick to a routine or stay on track with our supportive practices. I mean, who has time to work out when the mojitos are calling!? If you’ve been hard on yourself for “falling off the wagon” in any way, now is the time to call in a little self-compassion, shake it off and recommit to the habits you know serve you well. 

Ritual Tip: To get the full effect of this ritual, I recommend preparing one of your favorite warm beverages, heading to a beautiful spot in nature to watch the colorful, falling leaves in real time (if possible!), getting out a fresh piece of paper and brainstorming the following: 

Is there someone you’ve been neglecting or taking for granted? A specific relationship (with your kids, partner, friend, family, coworker, employees etc) that you’d like to put more love, energy and attention into? What would it take for you to do so? What would it look like for you to spend more time on this? 

Is there a habit you know nourishes your body and supports your physical well-being? (this could be meal-prepping so you get wholesome nutrients and your blood sugar stays balanced all day long, your yoga practice, doing your weight-training exercises, taking your supplements, stretching to support an injury or taking your herbal formula to support the specific health goals you’re working on). 

Does your spiritual life need some love and attention? Is there a practice you know would help you to feel more grounded and connected to your spiritual beliefs and faith? (Maybe this looks like meditation, prayer or going to church regularly. If nature is your church, this may mean planning regular trips to the forest or walks in green spaces) 

Are there daily or weekly rituals you love & that bring you joy? (Maybe having family suppers on Sunday, going to a special park or place with your kids once a week, date night with your partner, always having fresh flowers in the house, or having your evening cup of tea)

How’s your emotional and mental well-being? Is it time to prioritize taking care of these aspects of yourself? If so, what would it look like for you to put energy into this? 

Ritual #3- Set Yourself Up To Be Supported 

If I’ve learned anything at all in the last 18 months (since covid and becoming a mom), it’s that we need a solid support system in order to really thrive in this life! In our North American culture, we’ve really moved towards the “individual” and have seriously moved away from the “community”. This often translates into us thinking we need to do it ALL on our own, and when we can’t (because NO ONE can do it all on their own), we’ve “failed” or “there’s something wrong with us”. This is a lie that can quite literally harm us, not only emotionally and mentally, but physically. I think this is a HUGE mistake and is one of the biggest contributing factors to the overwhelm, loneliness, burn out, isolation, stress, anxiety and depression that runs rampant in our society.  

One of the MOST important things we need as human beings is other human beings who love us, support us and are there to cheer us on when we need it the most. Having a support system not only makes it so you’re more likely to succeed in implementing some of these new habits and ways of being, but will make it easier to get back up when you *inevitably* fall down (Like Jon Acuff says- it’s not a matter of IF we fall off, but WHEN. And knowing that makes it so we don’t let perfectionism or self-defeating thoughts get us down. We simply start again.) Having our cheerleading team reminding us that we’re human, we’re fully capable and saying things like “look how far you’ve actually come!” is so important for us to feel empowered and *good* in this journey we call life. 

Being supported can also involve setting up systems and routines that support you to streamline your energy and make it easier to implement new habits, let go of old ones and create the life you’re looking for. 

Now comes the ritual. 

Ritual Tip: Find yourself a quiet spot, get your favorite essential oil diffusing in the air, and wrap yourself in a nice comfy blanket with your journal in your lap ready to rock. 

Questions to Ask: How Can You Create More Support In Your Life? 

Are there people in your life you could call on to help you with tasks you know you need support with? (Could you have a trusted friend or family member come over to watch the kids at a regular time each week so you can focus on what is important to you, or so you can sleep or rest, guilt-free? Could you get your sister to come help clean out that closet (or whole house!) so your space is clutter-free and clear? By the way, I just did sister is the BEST.)

If this is accessible to you, is there someone you could hire or a service you could pay for to take some of the load off of you? (This might look like hiring a babysitter, hiring a house-cleaner once a month or every couple weeks, hiring a bookkeeper for your business, subscribing to Chef’s Plate, Hello Fresh or some kind of meal-plan so cooking is easier and healthier, buying groceries online and getting someone else to shop for you, etc) 

Is there a calendar or planning system that will help streamline scheduling for you and your family? (Do you need a google calendar with everyone’s schedule synced up so you can see what’s happening for everyone on any given day? Do you need to find a daytimer you absolutely love that can help you schedule your important habits ahead of time?) 

Do you need an accountability partner who keeps you on track and supports you along the way? (This could be your best friend, sister, coworker, someone random from a FB group or another platform. The idea is to schedule a regular, weekly check-in that allows you and the group to be accountable to someone.) 

Do you need to set up specific milestones and/or a reward system to motivate yourself? (It can be really helpful to set up specific and small milestones- when you reach them, celebrate! I know that for me writing down and keeping track of my supportive habits helps keep me accountable. I literally give myself a sticker when I work out, don’t work in the evening, or when I go to bed early, for example. These are some of the things I’m working on this fall!). 

Do you need to seek our professional support to get to some of your goals or to support you in shifting patterns? (This could look like a psychologist, family doctor or medical specialist, naturopath, counsellor, massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, personal trainer or herbalist!)  

Do you need to talk to anyone about what you need and the changes you’re making? (This could mean talking to your partner about getting on board, talking to your boss about leaving right at 5pm every day, telling the parent-teacher committee at school you won’t be volunteering anymore, or having a tough conversation with someone you need to set some boundaries with).

I hope these rituals have got your brain thinking, your heart pondering and has inspired that deep-down part of you to make the changes you need in your life so you can not only survive, but thrive this fall (and beyond!). 

With all of my Wild Fall Equinox love, 

Bree xo 




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