Meet Bree

Hello! My name is Bree and I'm so happy you're here. I get that before you entrust yourself to a health practitioner, you want to know something about them! So here's a little bit about me...I was born and raised in Alberta. I'm a real prairies girl.

As a teenager, I quickly discovered I was passionate about the environment. I worked at a big restaurant chain in Edmonton, AB and much to my horror, they didn't recycle their boxes. So I'd break down all the boxes, collect them in my old purple station wagon and haul them to the recycling depot- EVERY shift. My car would smell like old food and cardboard, but I didn't care. After a year of doing this, I eventually confronted my boss and convinced him to pay for a recycling bin! 

When I graduated from highschool, that was what propelled me to study Environmental Sciences at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB. I worked as an environmental assessor for a well-known company during my studies and got to do cool things like ride in helicopters to access remote lease sites, spend time in nature, see tons of wildlife and got paid pretty well. But one thing that didn't sit well with me is I was indirectly working for oil companies. While I knew it was important work and someone had to do it, I felt it wasn't for me. So I set off to discover what might be a better fit. 

I received my diploma as Holistic Health Practitioner from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB in 2007 where I studied herbal medicine, flower essences and acupressure. Although I learned a lot, I felt like I needed more training... Onto the next! 

After moving to the West coast to discover that beautiful part of our country, I discovered a part-time herbal medicine program on Salt Spring Island through the Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies. And oh man, did I ever fall in love with plants! After I completed the program, I knew I had to make herbal medicine my career. 

I received my clinical training in Phytotherapy from Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC, which offers one of the most elaborate Western Herbal Medicine programs presently available in North America.

Presently, I'm Registered through the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), an association that has stringent requirements to become and remain a professional member. I'm also a Registered Professional Member of the Alberta Herbalist Association (AHA) and sit on the AHA board to represent Alberta-based herbalists. I'm also a board member for the Canadian Council of Herbal Associations (CCHA), which is an organization that represents herbalists Canada-wide and liasons with the federal goverment about important issues related to natural health products and access to natural medicines in Canada.  

When I'm not seeing clients or making herbal products, I'm most likely enjoying a good meal (I love food!), camping, taking in live music at a festival, listening to a podcast or watching a good show on Netflix!