The Transformative Power of Gratitude


Last weekend, I went to Vancouver with my best friend Janelle. We had a blast taking in the ocean, eating delicious sushi and soaking in the Westcoast vibes. Since we took the bus to get around, we went down East Hastings street many times during our stay and wow…

my heart broke.

In case you've never seen it, East Hastings is a 2 block concentrated hub of homelessness and poverty in Canada. Looking around I couldn’t believe my eyes and my heart ACHED...

I have no idea what the stories are of the people I saw, but no doubt they are beyond what I could imagine. 

It was a stark contrast; enough of a contrast from my own reality for me to take a moment and count my blessings... 

More than anything, it left me feeling incredibly thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and the everyday blessings I’m surrounded by.


When was the last time you took a moment to really appreciate and feel your heart swell with gratitude for what you have in your life?

Well today's the day to count yourself blessed, my friend

Because health isn’t just wellness in your body...first and foremost health start with mental well-being. I’m currently reading this incredible book called The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (an amazing read!). He points out that just how our bodies can break down from neglect and disease, our minds can equally be unwell from allowing certain thoughts to dominate our mind space.

Our cycling thoughts of incessant worrying, insecurity and fear are all signs of mental and psychological "non-well-being".

As it turns out, gratitude can shift our thought patterns so powerfully towards what IS working in our lives, that it goes as far as to affect our physical bodies as well. Amy Morin, psychotherapist and clinical social worker, shares research that has shown that people who practice thankfulness in their daily lives:

  • Have improved sleep
  • Feel happier 
  • Are more resilient to overcoming stressful and traumatic events
  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Improved personal relationships 
  • Are less aggressive and more compassionate

Heck yes! 

So this weekend, as you’re celebrating thanksgiving (or not!), take stock of everyday blessings that surround you. In case you need a nudge, here are some ideas:

  • The one friend you can call no matter what
  • Family members who love you
  • Family members you love! 😉
  • As the weather starts to cool down- a warm home to walk into and cozy up in
  • A belly full of food
  • A body that has an intelligence of its own that is doing it’s absolute BEST to support you (THANK YOU BODY!)
  • Living in a part of the world that is relatively safe, not downtrodden with political unrest, war or famine, with accessible natural beauty and lots of SPACE.
  • Your amazing herbalist (haha, yes! You're paying attention!)
  • All the bonuses in life!- A special someone, your pet that offers unconditional love no matter what you do, having a vehicle, that warm cup of tea or coffee, working doing what you love, opportunities to travel, experience, grow….
  • Shall I go on?!

This thanksgiving, practice the artful mind-state of GRATITUDE.

Embody it, live it, say it!

Speaking of saying it, I also invite you to take my challenge...

One of my favorite things to do at Thanksgiving dinner, whether it be by myself, with friends or with family, is to go around the table and say OUT LOUD AND PROUD 3 things I’m grateful for. If you’re with others, get everyone to take their turns.

Everyone gets an opportunity to express thankfulness for 3 things to the whole table- big or little, doesn’t matter.

You’d be surprised how quickly the room transforms.


Be well my friends. Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Wildly grateful for YOU,

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