Herbal Energetics 101-Discover the Power of your Constitution Type

Herbal Energetics 101-Discover the Power of your Constitution Type

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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 
Time: 6:30- 9:00 pm
Location: Roots on Whyte Building
Address:  8135 102 St NW, Edmonton, AB
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Never heard of Herbal Energetics?


Now's your time to discover how to match your unique body type to the plants, foods and habits that will work best for YOU....

Whether you’re just starting out on your herb journey or have studied before, this is FOUNDATIONAL  knowledge that will change the way you work with plants moving forward…


Have you ever taken a herb and it just didn't work?


There's a reason why!


Herbal Energetics is the KEY to how a herb will interact with the body and determines whether it will work like a hot damn, do nothing at all or make symptoms worse...


When we say energetics, we don't mean spiritual energy or plant "vibes" (although plants do their fair share of offering us support in those realms)...


It's how plants and our bodies interact differently based on their innate energetic properties such as hot, cold, damp, dry, and whether they're stimulating or relaxing 🌱

Just like people, herbs have energetics too...

Think about cayenne and how spicy it is- that's a hot plant!


Matching people's constitution types to the herbs that will balance them out best is the ART of Herbal Medicine ✨

Want to become a herb + person MATCHMAKER?


This is powerful and EMPOWERING knowledge that could change the way you view yourself and take care of your health moving forward…

Here's what you'll learn:

✔ The 3 foundational doshas of Indian Ayurveda- What dosha are you? (Trust me, this may explain A LOT)

✔ The 4 temperament & personality types of Ancient Greece and Western Herbal Medicine (Herb nerds, grab your notebooks, you don't want to miss this!)

✔ What herbs, foods and lifestyle practices best support your unique constitution type? Come find out!

✔ Energetic properties of herbs- Discover what herbs your body needs & what herbs you should stay away from...


✔ Take the quizzes! Confirm which personality type you are and what this means for your health...

✔ Discover the model that completely CHANGED the outcomes in Bree's clinical practice.


*2.5 hours of herbal training by Registered Herbalist, Bree Nabholz
* Take home package specific to your constitution type! 😍
* Class notes for future reference 
*An amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded people
* Refreshments- Snacks & Tea provided!  


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* Ticket for 1 to the event


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