"Herbal Health Care" Consultation Gift Pack

"Herbal Health Care" Consultation Gift Pack

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The Ultimate "I care about you" gift for that family member you know would LOVE to have a herbalist on their team to help them get relief from their symptoms, but don't have the funds to do so or need a little support to get the ball rolling... 

Heck, this could be the gift you give yourself! If you've been wanting to see me for some time now, and want to take advantage of a good deal, go on and treat yourself! 

What's included in your gift pack: 

- Initial Herbal Medicine Consultation (90 minutes- This is where we go over everything about their (or your) health situation in great detail so we can get to the bottom of it and know exactly what herbs will relieve symptoms best!) 

-Follow- up Consultation (30 minutes- this consultation keeps the momentum going so we can check in about how the herbal formulas are going and make any changes necessary)

-6 Week Supply of a Custom-Designed Herbal Formula  (Formulated specifically for you or your loved one, this formula is tailored to your exact body type and health symptoms so you get the best results! Receive a 6 week supply of herbal formula with this gift pack) 

Total Value: $345, Save $46 (Get the follow-up consultation FREE!)

Receive a printable pdf "gift certificate" to give or send to your loved one for Christmas upon purchase!    

*Consultations are done via zoom (no physical presence required!).