"Ready For Anything!" Budding Herbalist Gift Pack

"Ready For Anything!" Budding Herbalist Gift Pack

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The perfect gift for that friend or loved one in your life who LOVES herbs and would be over the moon to receive 5 unique herbal tincture blends- so their personal apothecary is stocked and they're ready for anything that comes their way! 

What's included in your gift pack: 

-Cool Your Jets: Calms anxiety for quick relaxation in the moment. Eases tension in muscles and digestive system. 

-Lung Love: Anti-viral to fight off colds, flus & respiratory illnesses

-Eeyore No More: Supports a balanced mood and uplifts the spirits. Nourishes and calms the nervous system.  

-Snooze: Calms the mind & body to promote deeper sleep. Eases tension and worry. 

-Brain Gain: Promotes mental clarity & focus while combating stress and mental fatigue

Each tincture is 50ml of a unique blend of herbs designed to synergistically work together to create gentle and effective shifts in the body. 

Total value: $119.95, Save $22.95 (Receive one tincture for free!)

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